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More Progress Thank I Could Have Hoped For

I've tried different Holistic solutions over the years, but nothing has come close to having even just one treatment w/ Chi. And after a few sessions and some herbal remedies, I'd made more progress than I ever could have hoped for. I highly recommend Chi to my own clients for much more than just pain relief. She's kind & thoughtful as well as a very intuitive & skilled practitioner. Go see her, you'll wish you'd done it sooner!
--VickiC LMT

Abdominal Surgery Averted in Weeks with Acupuncture

Though I arrived as a last resort with numerous chronic symptoms that included bilateral lower back pain and a persistent stitch in my left side in my abdomen, I wish I had started with acupuncture. After trying numerous other treatments and products, I was seriously contemplating abdominal surgery. I could not sleep comfortably nor could I rise from lying down without pain. After about a half dozen treatments, I finally felt my first moments of sweet relief from pain that I had not felt for months. Though not pain free today, I am significantly better after just a few weeks and feel like I am getting better with each treatment. My gut is entirely better, and I can sleep soundly again. I will continue my treatment for a bit longer until I feel entirely better. Thanks, Mike!
--Dr. Nichole Z.

46 Years of Headaches Better in 1 Week With Acupuncture

I have suffered with Migraines since 1970 and have visited many different modes of treatment, conventional and alternative, with relief with prescription medication only. I had severe pain over my left eye with tingling and numbness and associated nausea and vomiting lasting up to one week. Over the last month, I have woken up to daily headaches and decided to set up an appointment with Mike. Within a few days Mike had interviewed me and we discussed a plan of treatment with acupuncture, heat lamp treatment, massage and modification in my posture, sleep position and a nutritional supplement. Within the first week I was headache free and had no neck pain or numbness. I followed Mike's recommendations resulting in 100% improvement. Mike pinpointed the source of my problems, which was a structural issue and devised a practical treatment plan. I am very impressed with Mike's professionalism and knowledge of his field of expertise. I recommend Mike to anyone who has pain issues and is open to alternative medicine.
--Pat Ford, Retired RN, Registered Yoga Teacher (200 hrs)

Placenta Previa Resolved in Two Treatments

Pregnant with my second child, I found out at my 18 week ultrasound that I had a complete placenta previa. My placenta was completely covering my cervix making it likely that I would have to deliver a month early via cesarean section. I went to Mike hoping that he could help me move the placenta away from my cervix. After two treatments with Mike, I had another ultrasound to check the position of the placenta. The ultrasound tech was shocked when she saw that my placenta moved completely out of the way and was in its correct location. The tech explained to me that usually in these cases the placenta would only move partially out of the way. I was relieved and so grateful that my child would have the chance to reach full term.
--Maria A.

Acupuncture Skeptic's 18 Months of Severe Shingles Pain Resolved with Acupuncture

I came down with very painful Shingles (back, underarm, chest) and slowly recovered for about six months before recovery stopped. Then, for the next 12 months, I had quite painful Shingles and was taking two pain medications that were partially effective. The Shingles did not improve further.

Wanting to try anything to ease the pain, and at the encouragement of others, this skeptic made an appointment with Mike Arsenault. At that appointment I explained my situation, received an acupuncture treatment (painless) and a massage at a certain point on my back. At that one session, my pain was reduced in half. I continued with a few more treatments over time where other treatment techniques were employed along with acupuncture. Somewhere in the middle of these sessions I was able to stop taking all pain medications.

I have now completed my treatments and my pain has been reduced to that of a simple sore that is also going away. I do not know how or why it works, and would not have believed it would work, but now I am a believer and tell everyone about it.
--Tom C.

7 Year Old with Anxiety, Fatigue and Joint Pain Mom Says, "Mike Saved My Daughter's Life"

When my daughter stopped being able to go to school and was overwhelmed with anxiety doctors recommended an SSRI, prozac, to get her back on track. It didn't feel right and I quickly explored herbal supplements and dietary changes that could help. I then sought out a pediatric acupuncturist and Mike Arsenault was the perfect complement to our daughter's care. Mike also has a daughter and this news helped calm my daughter - she trusted him to put 8 needles in her on her first visit. But Mike did more than just offer acupuncture, he gave us advise on conquering her fears, suggested diet changes and natural supplements. He also suggested a lyme test given the other issues she was having - fatigue and joint pain. When the results came back positive I realized that Mike truly saved my daugther's life. His thorough and thoughtful approach to his practice gave us the answers we have been looking for and we are so grateful.
--Kristin Keller

Numerous Pain Conditions from Serious Car Accident Gone in 6 Weeks

I was in a three car accident on 128. I missed a week of work and during that time all I could think of is when I can actually get up and drive, I cannot wait to see Mike. I had whiplash, contusion from air bag and seatbelt, hip and SI joint and ankle pain due to slamming on the brake and then hitting the car in front of me.

I saw Mike once a week for 5-6 weeks and every time I went I had less and less pain. I could get off all the muscle relaxers and pain medication. I truly believe I would have chronic pain and continuing issues if it was not for Mike. His knowledge and skill are incredible. He looks at you as a whole person and treats your whole body.

He is a true professional, a rare find. I would recommend him highly. I am a practicing physical therapist for the past twenty years, so I know about someone who has a gift to heal. Mike has it. I am thankful I know who I can see when I need help.
--Lyn P., Physical Therapist

Osteoarthritis of Knees-Pain Disappeared, Feels Like I had A Replacement

I had been diagnosed with osteoarthritis effecting mainly my knees and elbow-pretty common in adults over 65 (which I am). My physician suggested going on a prescription drug, Celebrex and / or taking large quantities of Ibuprofen-I wasn't too excited about either of these options.

Then my son, an athlete that suffered a severe ankle injury, suggested that I see Michael. He had a second surgery to gain more flexibility in his ankle but it did not improve to the extent that he had hoped-he's a runner. He went to Michael for several sessions; the flexibility in his ankle improved greatly and he finished the Boston Marathon in 2:52-I don't think that would have been possible had he not been treated by Michael.

I thought, what do I have to lose, except the sharp pain and stiffness I wake up with each morning. I went for my first treatment somewhat doubtful.

The outcome: The relief was immediate-I couldn't believe the pain in my knees completely disappeared-I found climbing up and down the stairs no problem. It was as if I had knee replacement surgery without the complications.

Michael won me over-I now go about every five or six weeks; I don't take ibuprofen at all and I lift weights at the gym and walk without any pain after my walk. I think this is a better solution than taking more drugs.
--Elizabeth Cullinan

After Two Ankle Surgeries, Acupuncture Helps Elite Runner Complete Boston Marathon

My son, an athlete that suffered a severe ankle injury, suggested that I see Michael. He had a second surgery to gain more flexibility in his ankle but it did not improve to the extent that he had hoped-he's a runner. He went to Michael for several sessions; the flexibility in his ankle improved greatly and he finished the Boston Marathon in 2:52-I don't think that would have been possible had he not been treated by Michael.
--Elizabeth Cullinan

Severe Neck Pain of Acupuncture Skeptic Resolved in One Treatment

I sought treatment for pain on both sides of my neck. My right side was what I called near "spasm". I had sudden and intense pain when I moved my head in certain positions. On the left side I had pain whenever I turned left. I went to a chiropractor for a number of treatments and got relief but it never lasted more than a day or two.

At my wife's urging I decided to try acupuncture but did so with a degree of skepticism. I was proved wrong. One treatment resolved the "spasms" on the right side and greatly diminished the pain on the left. Mike showed me a couple of simple stretches that I still continue to do several times daily. In addition Mike suggested I alter my work environment to limit the constant turning of the head. Bottom line acupuncture worked, it's virtually painless and relaxing. Go to Mike for pain relief!
--Kenneth Teague, Programmer

Long Term Headaches and Dizziness Mostly Gone in a Few Treatments

I went to see Mike Arsenault for headaches and dizziness and back pain. After a few treatments most of my headaches and dizziness were gone. I was amazed at how different (ie better) I felt! On the rare day that I still got a headache/migraine it really made me realize just how terrible it was to feel that way all the time and how good it is to feel good most of the time now.
--Diane L.

Head and Neck Pain: Mike Was the Only One in Any Medical Field to Offer Any Kind of Relief

For several months I had been experiencing head and neck aches, likely due to stress and work related motion. This pain came on each day and made every evening difficult.

I made many attempts to solve this issue including several visits with my primary care physician, trying different medications, a therapist to reduce stress and a neurologist to check an MRI to make sure there was no physical damage or any kind of tumor or other malady. I saw a chiropractor for several months. I changed jobs and made many efforts to reduce the stress in my life. Still the headaches persisted, every day.

My primary care physician suggested acupuncture and I was of course skeptical. In the end Mike was successful where everyone else had failed. The acupuncture treatments helped greatly, but I am convinced that the true solution was Mike's understanding of the root cause of my stress. He gave me some stretching exercises to do and helped me modify my working and home environment in order to change my posture and relieve the day to day pressure. It was this combination of treatments that resolved the issue.

Mike was the only one in any medical field to offer any kind of relief and I am eternally grateful to him. My primary told me that this pain might be chronic and something that I would have to live with for the rest of my life. Without Mike's efforts this might have been true.
--Anthony D., Process Engineer

Severe Headaches Unresponsive to Medicines Gone in Two Treatments

I had severe headaches for over 3 weeks. I was unable to eliminate symptoms after 3 doctor visits and several different prescriptions. Experienced immediate relief after the first treatment. Mike's services resulted in complete relief after only two treatments.
--John G.

Patient's Sciatica, Headaches, Anxiety and Cellulitis All Helped by Acupuncture and Herbs

I first went to Mike two years ago because I had sciatica pain. I was having trouble going up and down the stairs. After several weekly sessions of acupuncture with Mike as well as deep massage I was pain free. Mike was recommended to me by a very dear friend.
After I recovered from sciatica, I asked Mike if he could help me with headaches. I had suffered from headaches since the 70's. I would wake up each morning with a headache so the first thing I would do was to take 2 excedrins.
On a typical day, I would take 8 excedrins. Mike started treating me for the headaches and after several months I am a new person. I no longer need to take Excedrin when I wake up and rarely throughout the day.
Mike has also helped greatly with my anxiety as well as a bad case of cellulitis in one of my toes. I have a hammer toe, and the infection that I endured was extremely painful. I took antibiotics prescribed at the emergency room, but they didn't help at all. It was Mike figuring out that due to poor circulation in my leg the toe wasn't able to heal. Mike worked at improving my circulation, and he also did deep massage on my leg and toe. He also treated me with herbs to improve my circulation. After a couple of months the toe healed.
Mike is the ultimate professional, and he treats the whole person. He really listens when one talks to him, and he goes above and beyond at every visit.
He is extremely knowledgeable, and he continues to help me in many areas.
Going to Mike for acupuncture will always be a part of my life.
--Tess Witwicki, High School Spanish teacher

After 2 Years of Pain and Many Failed Treatments, Golfer's Elbow Gone in 3 Sessions

I had suffered for 2 years with medial epicondylitis (golfer's elbow). At its worst, I could not even iron a shirt or get a gallon of milk out of the refrigerator. I had to give up virtually all of sports activities. After 6 cortisone shots and laser treatment I was introduced to Mike. We discussed my overall medical situation with a focus on my elbow. After a single session, my pain decreased DRAMATICALLY. After 2 sessions, I was virtually pain free. I see Mike periodically now to maintain joint health and I am back to an active lifestyle. The entire experience has been nothing short of life changing.
--Don W., Business Development Executive

High School Pitcher with Tendonitis and Swelling: "Forearm and Wrist As Close to 100% as They've Been in the Last 2 Years"

I developed tendonitis and inflammation in my pitching forearm/wrist from over-use. Neither rest of physical therapy seemed to improve the situation. I was truly concerned that I wouldn't be ready for opening day. Thanks to your efforts and expertise (and P.T. was effective for strengthening once you got rid of the swelling) I was able to pitch the first game of the season..and threw a shutout! My forearm and wrist are as close to 100% as they've been in the last two years. Couldn't have done it without you!
--Michaela L.

Severe 3+ Years Pain of Shingles Helped by Acupuncture in Just a Few Treatments

I came down with the shingles on my right shoulder about three or four years ago. After the rash had gone the pain continued. The doctor said that I had post herpetic neuralgia which is the worst complication that can occur after shingles. The pain can range from moderate to severe and vary from tenderness of the skin to a burning, throbbing, shooting or stabbing pain.
The pain was so severe that the touch of a soft cloth or even a slight breeze against the skin was painful. I was given Gabapentin (Neurontin-an anti-seizure medicine used also for nerve pain) and the Lidocaine Patch for pain but the relief was only temporary. Friends told me about acupuncture so I made an appointment with Michael Arsenault and after two treatments I felt immediate relief. I recommend anyone who has pain to see Michael Arsenault as soon as possible.
--Sophie Morrison

After 1 Yr of Pain from Plantar Fascitis, Acupuncture Helps

I have suffered with plantar fascitis, achilles tendinosis and arthritis in my hip. All three came at the same time about a year ago. I went through 8 weeks of therapy for each injury in the past year. Actually 16 weeks (2 sets of 8) for the achilles. I have had 2 shots of cortisone on my hip in the last year. I started acupuncture with Mike six weeks ago and I have gotten progressively better. This is the first improvement I have had in a year of doctors and therapy. Not only has the acupuncture helped, but the advice Mike has given me on proper food for healing has been rewarding. I want to thank not only Mike but all the people in the office for making my visits something I look forward to each week. I am grateful to have found this program and want to thank everyone involved for bringing my health back.
--John J Alberts

Hip Pain

For the past 26 years I have consulted doctors about the recurring pain in my hips. X-rays showed healthy joints, but I continued to have trouble walking, climbing stairs, and even getting up out of chairs. I am now experiencing relief with regular acupuncture treatments and prescribed stretches and exercises that together address the root cause of my discomfort. Needless to say, I am pleased and encouraged.
--Anne W.

Low Back Pain

I was experiencing severe pain in my back, hips and legs, particularly my right hip. This caused me difficulty walking, doing simple tasks like bending over to pick up something on the floor and going up and down stairs. I was unable to sleep through the night without waking up. After receiving 2 acupuncture treatments from Mike I am able to do most things with little or no discomfort and I am sleeping through the night without waking from pain. I can now go up the stairs and anticipate a full recovery with the home exercise plan that Mike recommended for me.
--Ellen McMillan, Aesthetician/Owner, Beautiful You/Organic Skin Care


Mike is a highly skilled and professional acupuncturist. As a healthcare professional myself, I hold Mike in the highest regard both professionally as well as his patient. I have allergies and athma that have been treated by multiple allergists + PCPs since age 4 yrs. This past year I have completely overcome my allergy to dogs and my asthmatic reaction for the first time in my 39 yrs. Mike basically cured this condition!
--Scott Cipolla, Med., MSW, LMHC, LICSW, Psychotherapist

Knee Pain/Osteoarthritis

I have suffered from severe osteoarthritis of both my knees for many years. They have finally gotten so painful that my doctor has recommended knee replacement. I am in the health care field myself (a veterinarian) and have had little experience with alternative medical therapies. On the recommendation of a good friend, I visited Mike Arsenault to discuss acupuncture treatment for my knee pain. I found him skilled, highly trained and very knowledgeable. More importantly, I have found that acupuncture treatment has significantly reduced the pain in my knees.
--Wendy Emerson, D.V.M.

Tendonitis (Elbow)/'Tennis Elbow"

In May of 2006 I had an extremely painful episode of 'tennis elbow". As a massage therapist specializing in deep tissue work I couldn't let this condition keep me out of work so I set up an appointment with Mike. Having utilized a daily regiment of self massage and multiple applications of Biofreeze & receiving only temporary relief I decided to give acupuncture a try. This was my 1st exposure but I was determined to try anything to relieve the pain & allow me to continue in the work I love. I had (2) visits with Mike & was amazed at the lasting relief I was able to maintain. Continuing with self stretched that Mike demonstrated I have been free from the tendonitis for 8 mos now & I see approx. 15-25 clients a week myself. I'm glad I trusted my intuition as well as the constant success stories of Mike's other clients. I just want to say THANKS FOR A JOB WELL DONE!!!
--Jeffery D., Certified Muscular Therapist

Smoking Cessation

On Jan. 2, 2007 I came to Mike Arsenault for acupuncture for my neck. In our conversation I told him I wanted to quit smoking. I have tried about 20 times. I have smoked for 30 years. After Mike treated my neck he put pins on my ears. I have not had a cigarette yet-today is 1-25-07. I just pressed where the pins were and the urge went away. I do not even think about it now. We are still working on my neck. I think Mike is wonderful-very caring and professional.
--Joanne Grimaldi

Bulging Discs/Neck Pain

Had been experiencing serious sports related pain in my neck, shoulder and arm. An MRI showed significant abnormalities: bulging discs in C5-C6 area. I was referred to a neurosurgeon. My wife had been a client of Mike's and strongly recommended my seeing him-I thought I had nothing to lose until I could see the surgeon. With Mike's treatments and herbal medicine my pain has completely gone. By the time I saw the neurosurgeon my symptoms were history. I told him what I had been doing with Mike and he said 'stick with what's working". I'd highly recommend Mike to my friends.
--James McCarthy, VP Sales and Strategic Partnerships

Ear Infections (Pediatric)

I am a mother of two daughters, at the time, 3 and 20 months. My youngest was having chronic ear infections and was on antibiotics every other month. We were having a tough time. My pediatrician sent us to an ear specialist to try and stop the vicious cycle we were on with all of the antibiotics and to investigate any possible scarring of her ear drum. The ear doctor quickly suggested putting ear tubes in both of her ears. I was very skeptical of ear tubes. I had heard too many stories from friends that did not have good experiences with implanting ear tubes. I preferred to explore alternative strategies. My pediatrician and the ear doctor gave me three months to try acupuncture and chiropractic approaches.

As a direct result of these strategies, my youngest has been over a year without any ear infections or antibiotics. The girls are now four and two and a half. I met Mike Arsenault five years ago when I consulted him regarding fertility problems. I am clearly a believer in acupuncture with my two healthy daughters and my own experience. I am so happy that my daughter could also benefit from Mike's talents. Mike was terrific with my daughter. He used Tui Na, a Chinese form of massage, and gave us herbal medicine to fight the accumulation of mucus. I am thrilled that we did not have to go through with the ear tubes and that both girls have been very healthy. Thank you Mike.


Prior to finding Mike and acupuncture, I was experiencing two to three headaches a week and taking prescription medication for relief. Not wanting to continue with the medication, I decided to seek acupuncture as an alternative. At first, treatment was once a week and I began to have fewer and fewer migraines and used less medication. Four years later my treatments are one every 5 to 6 weeks and I am now averaging one or two headaches during this time. At times between sessions, I am migraine free!!! I am happy to say that the need for prescription medication is infrequent and generally outlasts the expiration date. I am so happy that a friend of mine recommended Mike to me. He is the ultimate professional with a wealth of knowledge. Acupuncture will always be an integral part of my health plan.
--Elaine P., Senior Vice President

Car Accident/General Wellness

As a holistic nurse, I sought acupuncture as preventative, with no health issues requiring treatment. I have tried to come in ~ 3x/year for balance-mind/body/spirit.
When I was in a car accident and hit the steering wheel with my sternum, acupuncture was the only treatment that I used and after 2 treatments with Chinese herbal solution applied topically at home, I was fine and back to a normal healthy state.
Mike is very knowledgeable and professional and an esteemed colleague whose services I wholeheartedly recommend ...whether you think you need acupuncture or not!
--Janice Anderson, RN, HN-BC, CCT, ACTH, RMT

Bell's Palsy Due to Lyme Resolves after 3 Treatments

I came to see Mike Arsenault after being diagnosed with Lyme Disease. My biggest symptom of the disease was Bell's Palsey. Steroids had little effect and when the course of treatment ended, paralysis in my face was worse than ever. After three treatments of acupuncture, which included massaging the affected facial muscles and resistance exercises, my face returned to its normal, expressive self. The resistance exercises showed immediate improvement so I know acupuncture is what worked for me. If I had followed the standard medical treatment I am not sure that I would have made a full recovery. I am grateful to my friends who urged me to seek additional treatment for my condition. It truly made a difference in my healing process.
--Barbara DiLorenzo

Significant Relief from Anxiety/Panic

I had suffered with anxiety/panic attacks for almost 10 years.  Theses attacks prevented me from driving, shopping, working steadily or doing almost anything independently.  I tried medication therapy and even self treatment but nothing helped.  I began acupuncture sessions as a last resort and found significant relief from my very first session!  Along with the acupuncture Mike taught me some very helpful breathing and acupressure techniques.  After only 5 acupuncture treatments I was back to being the fully functional, independent person I was before this anxiety disorder.
--Julie G

4 Years of SI/Back Pain Nearly Pain Free in 3 Treatments

I had been experiencing Sacroiliac (SI) Joint pain on and off for at least 4 years and have tried steroid shots and physical therapy four times, with no permanent relief. When I first came to you, the pain was up to an 8 out of 10, aggravated by my frequent tennis matches and physical training. After just 3 Acupuncture treatments with you my SI feels nearly pain free, and I am optimistic about keeping it that way by continuing to do the exercises you have taught me. Thanks for such a great outcome! And if any other patients ever want a testament to your excellent work, just send them my way. And I will continue to refer my friends with chronic back pain to you.
--Mike Wolf

Mystery Rib Pain for 2 Years Gone in Two Treatments

I have been a patient of Mike Arsenault for only a short time (three visits to be exact) however, I was amazed that in such a short time he managed to alleviate a pain in my right rib cage that I have had for nearly two years. He asked me several questions prior to examining me in order to get thorough pertinent information and to gain an understanding of the issue. He applied a topical oil and manually worked the muscle, bone and ligaments.
Additionally, I received acupuncture that day for this and other conditions. I was amazed that upon leaving the office the pain was gone!
Prior to seeing Mike I had visited my PCP who had an X-ray taken and advised me that I should take Ibuprofen. Additionally, I had mentioned the pain to other providers with no resolve.
In the short time I have been seeing Mike I find him to be a top notch provider: thorough, informative, professional, extremely knowledgeable about the alternative medicine area, great acupuncturist, clinically highly competent, and caring.
--A.C.L., Health Care Administrator


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Mike is also the President and Founder of the herbal skin care company Emily Skin Soother.

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