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Initial Evaluation and Treatment: 1-1:30 hours, $80
Follow-Up Visits: 1 hour, $80

I practice traditional Chinese Style acupuncture. I do not practice Japanese style acupuncture. During acupuncture treatment I sometimes also use tuina (Chinese massage) to treat pain conditions. I may also prescribe herbal remedies if applicable to your situation.

Chinese Herbal Medicine
Initial Evaluation and Diagnosis: 30 minutes, $40 dollars
Follow-Up Visits: 20 minutes, $35 dollars
(Herbs not included in cost.)

If you would like to make use of Chinese Herbal medicine but do not want to do acupuncture, we can do just that. Treatment consists of getting a clear history of your problem, diagnosing it according to the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine, and giving you an herbal formula.

Acupuncture patients do not need to pay more for herbal diagnosis. It is part of the acupuncture evaluation and treatment.

Tuina ("Twee-Nah")
Tuina is a Chinese form of massage that is used in conjunction with acupuncture treatment. When people come to me for pain conditions I use Tuina as part of the standard acupuncture treatment. There is no additional cost. I prefer not to do Tuina alone as I find treatment with acupuncture and tuina together much more effective and efficient.

Tai Chi and Meditation Instruction
I have an extensive background in both Tai Chi and Zen meditation. I can teach group classes or individuals. Please call for more information or scheduling/pricing.

Public Talks/Interviews
I am also available for presentations, public talks or media interviews on any aspect of Chinese Medicine, acupuncture, herbal medicine, or tuina. Please call for more information or scheduling/pricing.


Acupuncture Treatment
Chinese Herbs
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